An app for iOS, Android, and responsive web, Bkstg is a platform to help artists know their fans and create a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. A place where users can watch exclusive videos, listen to music, be the first to buy limited edition merch or VIP tickets, and connect directly with other fans. I worked as an Interaction Designer and Motion Graphics Producer for the start-up.


The Objective:

I needed to create an interaction for how a user follows an artist. From beta testing, we learned that the average user follows 3 to 5 artists. Since the "Add Artist" animation is an infrequent one, I felt we had the opportunity to create a playful, memorable interaction without taxing the user.


It was important that the user felt this action was special. I wanted the user to be very active in a few cards, rather than occasionally active in many cards. Rather than following en masse like most social platforms, the animation needed to inform the user that following an artist was special, and encourage them to go into their feed. 


For this interaction, I prototyped different solutions to explore what would be most understandable and enjoyable to the user. The questions in mind were:

  • What happens to the card after it has been added? Does it disappear, or do we show the user exactly where it goes? 
  • What feedback will the user receive confirming that the card has been successfully added?
  • If the card moves into place, how do we animate that in a way that isn't tedious for the user?


The prototype above shows how the card was added and where the card ended up after adding. It also illustrates the parallaxing effect within each Artist's Hub.